Building an open innovation exchange for the rail & related industries

Scoping and development of a strategy for product development. The client was looking to strengthen its R&D capability and strategy through building a collaborative innovation community in its rail industries, ie an open innovation exchange platform. The exchange aims to bring government, private sector, academia, and society together to solve specific and relevant problems to improve competitiveness, promote local innovation, and enhance our social license to operate. To this end, the client requested RIIS to undertake an initial scoping exercise that will determine the level of interest in a Rail & Related… Read More

Understanding the digital disruption of the insurance industry in SA

This disruption of the insurance industry with FinTech and insurance-related technologies. The client approached RIIS to help understand the nature of the new disruptive environment being created in its adjacent industry, commonly termed InsureTech (FinTech Insurance). The established players in the financial industry have taken note of the numerous start-up opportunities that are currently being created. And realising the vast attractive investments being pumped into the InsureTech, financial service companies have realised┬ásynergies that they can also benefit from. This fosters and encourages co-opetition rather than competition. Some of the client’s competitors have… Read More

Concept note of a market strategy

The development of a market plan to help the client leverage the emerging innovation potential of the industry. The client partnered with RIIS to develop a business strategy to reduce the financial and technical risk of new product developments for their clients. Innovation was used as a tool to develop this strategy. Innovation is a key contributor to fast and sustainable growth, and developing an innovation-focused business strategy helps prioritise business and development goals, and risk and sustainability of the organisation. This helped reform and improve their value proposition, client engagement model,… Read More

Improving the state of mining innovation through ideation sessions

Creating technical ideas through the SCAMPER method to disrupt the mining cycle. RIIS facilitated an ideation session on behalf of our client. The theme was centred around innovative technical ideas that can disrupt the traditional model of the mining cycle. An ideation session is a workshop that facilitates problem-solving with experts through mass idea generation. It is based on producing as many ideas as possible with critical evaluation and idea development happening after the┬ásession and not during. The ideation session was utilised as a platform to introduce an ideation session as an… Read More

Mobility as a service (MaaS) system in the SA context

Understanding how global MaaS models work, and applicability in South Africa. MaaS involves digital integration across the entire transport infrastructure, giving consumers access to mobility services. MaaS separates the value of mobility from the ownership of the means of transport. The client engaged with RIIS to understand the current MaaS environment in South Africa, and to suggest recommendations to build up the existing transport system into a MaaS ecosystem. To understand the possible┬áprogressions needed to develop a MaaS system, the base MaaS models being used were analysed and compared to the current… Read More