Change your environment for the better

RIIS is a boutique innovation consulting firm, focused on building networks and consortiums that solve intractable business and social problems.

We believe that long term sustainability can only be achieved through improvements and radical changes in the way that both business and society innovate.

Innovation has traditionally been managed completely inside organisations – but this is no longer an effective or efficient way to source, acquire, develop and commercialise knowledge.

  • developing foresight about how society and technology will change;
  • how those changes impact on organisations and society; and
  • how to effectively manage those changes through professional innovation management

Since 2007, we have worked with a range of private and public sector organisations to improve the way in which they can plan for and respond to a changing world.

In particular, we help organisations accelerate their innovation programmes through collaboration and partnerships across their value chain.

In doing so, we have delivered over 100 innovation interventions with organisations across the world. We have built innovation platforms for both public and private sector organisations, international development agencies and government departments. In all cases, our work has aimed at accelerating innovation and reducing innovation risk for our partners, and ensuring long term success.

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