PGM mining workshop

World café on the future of PGM mining.

The PGM workshop followed the same concept and programme as the leadership in mining workshop. Through hosting a workshop, the client wanted to focus on eliminating the obstacles present within the PGM mining industry. The resulting insights identified will be used to inform the client on recommendations and next steps with regard to the PGM mining industry.

The world café component facilitated meaningful dialogue regarding the future of PGM mining by asking a number of probative questions. The participants were able to give their honest opinions on the current issues facing the PGM industry. The world café session yielded a total of 213 insights with 83 insights being unique.

The ideation session component of the workshop generated ideas around increasing the productivity and production in a PGM mine and on achieving Zero Harm in a PGM mine. The workshop was attended by stakeholders from the PGM mining industry, PGM research institutions, and mining equipment manufacturers.

The 6-3-5 brain writing process was again used to encourage conversation and the progression of ideas. Of the total 2179 ideas generated, 552 of them were unique. Together with the insights from the world café, these ideas were then collated to build out a PGM framework to help address the issues of the industry.

The framework outlined the strategies and suggestions to tackle the most pertinent issues facing the PGM industry to improve its viability and sustainability. RIIS continues to work with the client to help implement the proposed project plan, and address any risks identified as well as any project management revisions that will be needed.

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