Leadership in mining workshop

The assessment of the leadership collective within the mining industry.

As part of the client’s strategic initiative, a workshop was held to focus on defining what leadership means in the mining industry. This workshop is the first in a series of leadership centred workshops. The outcomes, insights and traits identified from these workshops will be used in the design and revisions of the proposed digital leadership platform.

The workshop was attended by stakeholders from industry, research institutions, and academia; with most attendees coming from an HR and culture change background.

A human-centred design (HCD) approach was used to lead the participants through persona empathy mapping (PEM). The HCD approach made easier the solution process by creating a human-focused perspective for the participants.

The workshop also consisted of a world café and an ideation session. The world café facilitated and informed the conversations around the desirability, feasibility,  and viability framework with regard to building out the digital leadership platform. The world café insights also added to the revisions of the digital platform.

The ideation session generated ideas around two separate areas broadly pertaining to the digital leadership platform. The 6-3-5 brain writing process was used to encourage conversation and the progression of ideas. These ideas were then added to the design and revision stage of building the digital leadership platform.

After the research and analysis phase was concluded, RIIS continues to work with the client, communicating clearly the progress of the synthesis and design,  evaluation, feedback and subsequent iterations.

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