The modern mine world café

Moonshot approach to address the challenges of realising and implementing the concept of a modern mine.

The term “moonshot” derives from the Apollo 11 spaceflight project which landed the first human on the moon in 1969. Participants were introduced to the concept of Moonshot Thinking, derived by Google X, as an approach to addressing huge challenges through radical solutions and the use of breakthrough technology.

The world café was done through thinking frames. The thinking frames help to structure the way participants approach the world café questions. The thinking frames are explained below:

  • The first frame is the frame of “the self ”. This frame represents the individual participant’s voice within the industry. The personal and genuine thoughts of the participant were reflected in this frame,
  • The second frame is the frame of the participant’s “context”. This is the frame of who they represent in terms of their role in the mining ecosystem.
  • The final frame is that of the “ecosystem” at large. This is the thinking frame that represents the mining industry at large. It takes into account the collective frame of all the stakeholders within the mining ecosystem.

The feedback of the participants was then collated and analysed to provide direction, insights, and recommendations to the questions posed by the world café. The framework built was used to provide further information on subsequent tasks and gap analyses that are required for mapping the path to a modern mine.

RIIS is still in contact with the client to help them implement the solutions, operational procedures and any developments that will be relevant to ensure a successful plan.

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