Improving the state of mining innovation through ideation sessions

Creating technical ideas through the SCAMPER method to disrupt the mining cycle.

RIIS facilitated an ideation session on behalf of our client. The theme was centred around innovative technical ideas that can disrupt the traditional model of the mining cycle.

An ideation session is a workshop that facilitates problem-solving with experts through mass idea generation. It is based on producing as many ideas as possible with critical evaluation and idea development happening after the session and not during.

The ideation session was utilised as a platform to introduce an ideation session as an innovation tool. The ideation session also acted as a problem-solving tool to help the technical disruption of the mining cycle. The SCAMPER ideation process was used to encourage participants’ thought process, by thinking outside the box, on how to improve an idea.

569 ideas were generated from the ideation session, with 158 of these being unique. The session’s purpose was to produce a pool of potential solutions. And from the analysis, the objective was a success.

These potential solutions were communicated to the client and were made accessible to their technical experts for development into innovative products and services.

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