Understanding the mining R&D capacity of SA research institutes

Assessing the research and development (R&D) capability of SA research institutes to address the needs of the mining industry.

The mining industry of South Africa contributes significantly to the economy of the country. And with an inconsistent global mining industry, the future of the SA mining industry remains uncertain.

Our client is a major mining stakeholder and has set in their mandate the need to drive sustainability across the whole mining industry. To achieve this, RIIS has played an integral role in helping the client plan their short and long-term strategic objectives.

Through the various innovation processes implemented and innovation events held, we, RIIS and the client, recognised that to map the current and future states of mining requires an assessment of the research capacity available to the mining industry.

The R&D ecosystem research was implemented in phases:

  • Current industry view on mining R&D needs;
  • R&D capacity mapping; and
  • Gap analysis between the mining industry’s needs and the capability of the research institutes.

Concluding from the consolidation and analysis of the information gathered, RIIS compiled specific recommendations to the client. RIIS continues to work with the client to achieve their strategic goals in line with mining sustainability in South Africa.


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