The OpenIX Innovation Exchange Platform

Helping to build an innovation community throughout the Gauteng City Region.

Innovation translates an idea into a product or service that creates value relevant to an individual, society or corporation. At RIIS, in partnership with The Innovation Hub, we facilitate the process of Open Innovation through an innovation ecosystem (community).

The RIIS innovation ecosystem comprises Universities, Research Institutes, SMMEs, Government, Individuals, and Private Companies to name a few. These diverse knowledge centres are located mainly in the Gauteng area. However, due to the variety of the projects and the penetration of RIIS’ work, our innovation network covers most of South Africa, parts of Southern, Eastern and Western Africa, Europe, Middle East and Australasia, North America and parts of South America.

Open Innovation is the process of crowdsourcing for novel ideas, talents, and or technologies outside of the company to help our clients meet their innovation targets. Having built an extensive and competent knowledge pool through our innovation ecosystem, we ensure that ideas that get back to our clients are relevant and innovative. The process has also helped accelerate the adoption of innovation by our clients.

The OpenIX platform combines the process of Open Innovation with the skill of collaboration and the knowledge of the existing innovation ecosystem to deliver client solutions that are novel, innovative and disruptive in the specific industry.

OpenIX had been applied to industries such as Mining, Agriculture, Water Resource Management, Healthcare, FMCG, Logistics, Aerospace, and Fintech.

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